black framed glass shower wall tiny white hexagon tile shower wall covering white toilet black wall mounted shelves bathroom supplies ceiling light

Modern Bathroom in Neutral Tones with Geometric Accents

The graphical theme of décor can be incorporated in any space including the bathroom. It means that even a bathroom can look good in that particularly modern way of decorating a space. A contrasting ...

A framed mirror placed near a white bathtub and a statement rug

Using Big Mirrors to Decorate Your Bathroom

Big mirrors in bathrooms are now on top of the decorating trend. That's for two reasons. First, a mirror in a bathroom will turn an ordinary décor statement even in the most straightforward bathroom ...

freestanding wooden vanity of dressage colelction from graff square sink rectangular mirror square storage square tray

Graff Presents the Dressage Collection of Modern Bathroom Items

The bathroom should never be considered to be a space that looks just as it is. The idea is that even a bathroom should be decorated and appropriately beautified to look really nice. It is the space t...